Dream Another Way

by The Paradise Eaters



Recorded December 2012 at NOP


released January 25, 2014



all rights reserved


The Paradise Eaters Kingston, Ontario

Our music is a meal that feeds our souls and drives us to contemplation and ecstasy. The world we experience rattles our psyche’s jarring us into states of frenzied angst, dissolution and musical explosions, while whispering hope through the trees and rippling through clear blue lakes of the Canadian Shield around us. We are driven by elusive sounds of peace and the belief that groove is life! ... more

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Track Name: Los Angeles
The highway curved before me
like your twisted spine
dreams become the answers
to what was left behind
the bridge between the mountains
crumbled to the see
the beach of desolation
became the breath of free

Over there its fractured
over there decay
over turn your car
drive to reportray
People see it different
listen to what they say
pantomine indifference
thought you couldn't stay

The air around was thinner
the truth was pale and rare
describe your passions quickly
the choice is over there
around the paradox
the banner became clear
abandon your traction
to reduce all your fear

because of large gorillas
because of stripped out mines
dances too absurd to last
the practice so sublime
break through spirit breaking
break between the waves
think before you're choosing
the water or the wave
Track Name: Lions (rules for radicals)
we all look like lions to them
we all look like lions to them
some of us are dragons and some of us can swim
we all look like lions to them

Build up your next fall out shelter
schedule it into your dreams
tear down your independence
rip it apart at the seems

Fear is the justification
blended to the extreme
jump out of a burning building
play with the riot police

Step out of your little prison
four walls that make up a cage
turn on a noble incision
quench all your pent up rage

Its not easy being king of the Jungle (King of the Jungle)
Track Name: Looming Crisis
30 seconds was all I had to show them
portraits made of glass now stolen
13 minutes of artificial snow storms
able bodies still lost in the moment

the old sun rises
to clear the horizon

I figured out a new hypothesis
the day sun that is ordered is slowly fading
to change the celestial slightly more than normal
Infringed by my continental boredom

the old sun rises
to organize the looming crisis

ignored by my thoughtful sanctions
I felt my mind slowly fading
the triumph of the sorted fables
to late to operate on life's distractions

the new sun rises
to remove the violence
Track Name: Why did the people lie?
Truth and beauty lie
underneath the dreaded sky
why did the people lie?

A selected vision of rich invention
an indexed pension forced to recession
an over extension of default tension
a worthless token of words unspoken

Peace and justice rise
Only when there's alibis
Where did the prophet hide?

One man said to me while smilin'
without hope there's no denying
who saw the alibi?
One man said to me while smilin'
truth is gone once its broken
Why did the children cry?
One man said to me while smilin'
faith is gone once its broken
where did the prophet hide?
Track Name: In the way of progress
She spoke like Niagara falls
on a warn out field of ashes
the water crashed around them
while the fishes swam below
the gentle room before them
the farm of sweet decay

I'm in the way of progress
I'm interfering with the truth
all the pain and suffering
but still there is no proof

She thought like the Alamo
on a golden branch of light
the courage of the past
the sacred listless night
the people here before her
the gentle hope of truth

I'm in the way of progress
stop the oncoming train
the bridge between the island
the dam will still remain

chaos ensues

She dreamed of New York city
On a burned out traffic circle
of 15000 in the streets
the bombast of the the season
the presence of the super natural
or the former bible belt

I'm in the way of progress
I knew it from the start
I put my best foot forward
but they tore it all apart
Track Name: A surface to believe
In the starlight
I had a foolish dream
a dream of wonder
of self professed obscene
the clearing symptoms
of origin supreme

I am winter's dawn
I have seen it all
I know what went wrong
I will understand

In the evening
I felt a bit obscene
I listened to the courage
of those who were before me
I knew the answer
but seldom did I see
I dreamed of hope
of opportunity

In the morning
I had a better dream
I dreamed of the future
of hope and certainty
I knew the difference
in what I hadn't seen
I need a surface
a surface to believe
Track Name: Dream another way
Take your good intentions
and leave them at the door
change your life's direction
embrace the time once more
tangled misconceptions are nothing but a bore

I woke up
just the other day
I woke up
with nothing much to say
I woke up
and dreamt another way

I looked out
into the great back yard
I looked out
and thought why is life so hard
I looked out
and chased a fallen star

I turned up
one day at my job
but the lights were dim
and the boss was gone
a sign on the door said
please turn out the lights
Track Name: Conspiracy Meltor
Throw your caution through the window
take your spirit with you